Buddhist Tour. Xmas Special

 Approximate dates are 16.12.2017 until 05.01.2018.

During these twenty-odd days, we will visit the most important places connected with the life of the Buddha.

~ We begin our pilgrimage in Varanasi.
~ From there we journey to Lumbini, the place of the Buddha’s birth.
~ Then on to Kushinagar where he left his body.
~ Rajgir/Nalanda where he gave his first teachings.
~ Finally, we reach Bodhgaya; the place of Buddha’s enlightenment.

 We will conclude our Tour in Bodhgaya where we will have several days to absorb the special atmosphere of the place. During these days there will be daily meditation sessions at the great Stupa, along with discussions and personal guidance if required. 

The special focus of this tour is to have an in-depth and personal experience of the sacred places where the Buddha lived, taught and meditated. We are not interested in taking you to as many places as possible but rather in focusing on a few of the crucial places and guiding you towards having a taste of the peace and profundity of the Buddha's way.

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