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This holiday has been unlike any other.The ashram life and excursions introduced us to the Indian spiritual tradition, the Indian people and their way of living. It touched us deeply and made an everlasting impression on us. In fact, this was not a holiday, it was an experience that greatly enriched our lives until this day.

Bram & Ada Gré (Holland)

* * *

After two tours to India organised by Purnima, one to the North from Varanasi to the Himalayan mountains, the other to the South from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal, we are happy to comment on the qualities of the organisation of these travels which enabled us to discover India in its most colourful aspects: sunny landscapes, motley and noisy crowds, the general kindness of the population, the subtlety of its music and the most profound aspects of its ageless spirituality.

Henri et Christiane le Blanc, France

* * *

I discovered Northern India through and thanks to Purnima Zweers and will never forget the impact this had on me.

The magic of the images, the smells, the smiles and the scenery all helped to bring to the surface old memories stored deeply in the cells of my unconsciousness… From Delhi to Agra, Varanasi (Benares), Hardwar, Rishikesh and Uttarkashi on the way to Gangotri (source of the Ganges), Purnima was instrumental in helping us discover what one cannot see on a traditional tour. We attended private “satsangs” with special Swamis, we were able to experience ashram life, we entered unusual sacred temples and even participated in a Shiva puja with a pujari (priest) in the inner sanctum, which will remain for me an unforgettable memory!!!

Added to this were private concerts, Indian music concert on a boat on the Ganges as well as daily meditations; every day was a teaching, a new experiment, a discovery and deep links were woven.
The only thing I regret is that I am not able to participate in the South India tour which Purnima will organise next year.


Impalle, France

* * *

During our North Indian tour 2012 we visited magic places and met holy people that would not have been possible to do by our own. Purnima offered us unique experiences that we will never forget. These experiences elevated our minds and allowed us to see our daily life with a different perspective! We appreciated the combination of a deep spiritual guidance and an excellent organisation of our everyday life. Thank you so much, dear Purnima!

Tania and Stephane, Belorussia/France.

* * *

"If you want to experience spiritual India in a way no tourist could dream of, you must go with Purnima Zweers. She is a deep spiritual seeker herself and has experienced first hand many of the authentic inner spiritual aspects of India. If you are committed to your own spiritual growth, Purnima is the best guide for you. Her tours are not vacations, they are spiritual pilgrimages."

Ned Leavitt, Literary Agent and Kirtan Wallah.

* * *

"After having done the South India tour some years ago, we decided to also go on the North India tour with Purnima. We thought that our experience from the South Indian trip could not be surpassed, but once more we were greatly enriched and inspired. Purnima has such a deep knowledge of India, its culture and its people! Due to her we have been to many special places, met people and have experienced things, we would never have otherwise been able to. We saw India from within and had a lot of exposure to its religion, rituals and spirituality. Like the last time, it has been a life-changing experience!"

Bram en Ada Gré (Holland)

* * *

Experiences from North Indian tour 2013.

First of all, Purnima is an excellent organiser. The trip was very well planned and all there was for us to do was to enjoy it all. She treated each and everyone in the group as her special guest.
She shared her enormous knowledge about the country and her contacts everywhere led to so many interesting moments.
She brought us to the core of spiritual India and with her guidance we were able to explore the deeper levels of many aspects of spirituality.
Different places, different ashrams, different satsangs we were presented to, all gave us life-long experiences for growth and understanding.
And she is very fun to be with too!
We will for sure comeback!

Katerine Brenna, Inger Margrethe Svendsen, Marit Mørkved and Hanne Øverland. All from Norway

* * *

Dear Purnima – I really want to thank you for the trip we had in India. You made a wonderful trip for us, with a very good balance. All the impressions are so lively in my mind and heart, and the change I went through in India has been amazing. I am much deeper into meditation and spirituality and have gained much more peace in me. And of course, I am longing for a new trip to India.

Tone from Norway

* * *

This year in march, I travelled to North India with Purnima's group, accompanied by my 20 years old granddaughter, Jade. I totally agree with all the great commentaries that have already been done about the excellent guiding of Purnima.Purnima has this incredible capacity to create harmony in a group of persons of different ages and horizons, always ready to adapt to each one's conveniences. I admire her deep knowledge of Indian culture and religion.

The tour was made particularly interesting by the opportunity to meet incredible people that had been her friends or Masters, thus allowing us to receive private satsangs and talk with very elevated beings. Far from being a mere touristic experience, I am sure this trip was for the majority of us a trip into our Inner Being, an invitation to take a further step into our spirituality.

I really want to thank you for the incredibly rich tour you organised for us all, with so much attention to details in all aspects, and for sharing such special information and for organised encounters with exceptional beings.  This was a  colourful and adventurous and spiritual interlude...Infinite gratefulness!

Roselle from Mexico

* * *

I got more inside in the vast country's spiritual side and depth in ashrams, it was an overwhelmingly positive experience, especially Varanasi with the deep silence underlying the chaotic surface activity. I am very grateful that you shared this with us.

K Brenna

* * *

You were inspiring to watch in action on the tour, so much inner strength.
Thanks for all the support and guidance on this pilgrimage, your enthusiasm and effort to organise this most spiritually uplifting tour. I feel it cleared so many obstacles from my spiritual path to living a life of service, I am forever grateful.

Sydney from Canada

* * *

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