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Sacred India Tours (S.I.T.)

Sacred India Tours (S.I.T.) was founded to provide sincere seekers of Truth with an opportunity to experience the various spiritual traditions, peoples and cultures of India.

S.I.T. offers the following tours:

1. A three week tour of Southern India.
2. A three week tour of Northern India.
3. A five week South and North India tour combined.
4. A Buddhist tour of the sacred sites where The Buddha lived and taught.
5. A Meditation retreat at the sacred hill of Arunachala.

The South India tour is scheduled in Aug/Sept or Sept/Oct and around Christmas.
The North India tour usually takes place Feb/March or March/April.
A minimum of eight people are required for each tour.

According to local circumstances sometimes a slight change in program might be necessary from time to time.

The focus during the tours is on:
~ Experiencing the power of certain holy places.
~ Introducing ashram life and the possibility to participating in the ashram routine including the meditation sessions.
~ Meeting with special people on the way, such as sannyasins (monks) and  sadhaks (people following the spiritual path) as well as local people.
~ Opening up and becoming aware of your inner silence.

Since we will be visiting some traditional places, all participants are asked to respect the local customs and traditions. All participants will also receive some background information on the local customs as well as guidelines to help with your preparations.

In terms of transport and accommodation you will have a variety of experiences. You will stay in hotels, guesthouses as well as in ashrams (double room occupancy as much as possible). You will travel (sometimes) on an inland flight, in AC trains, in taxi's as well as in private busses. Everywhere you will eat good, nourishing, vegetarian food.

The international flight is not included in the tour.

Usually the tour is planned in such a way that we stay in each place a few days so that it will be possible to integrate experiences and to deepen the inner process.

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