Sacred India

Sacred India
The Meaning of Pilgrimage

India is known as the land of saints and sages. Though the west has also known a number of saints such as St. Francis of Assisi, nowadays we are not accustomed to having saints living in our midst in our western societies. 

In India, even today there are still a number of living saints, sometimes they stay in isolated and secluded places, sometimes in ashrams (a type of monastery), and sometimes they are to be found living in a sacred and powerful location or they may in fact be living as householders in any of the Indian cities. 

Nowhere in the world are there as many sacred power places as in India. The sanctity of these places attracts countless people and for many of them, to make a pilgrimage to one or several holy places is a truly life changing experience.

In India many people go on a pilgrimage in order to accumulate merit as they believe that this will bring them good karma. Some people undertake pilgrimages as a part of their sadhana (spiritual practice). 

Ultimately, in the deeper sense and meaning, the purpose of a pilgrimage is to discover the true nature of the Self

The power of certain sacred places is such that people may experience an instant up-lifting. The mind becomes calm, quiet and one- pointed. Along the way, satsanga with holy people increases devotion and adds to an elevating experience. 

The journey to a pilgrimage place is, in fact, as important as the destination. On the way we may sometimes face difficulties and obstacles, but this is part of the purifying process and will increase our determination to reach the goal.

The outer pilgrimage goes hand in hand with the inner pilgrimage. It brings us to locations where we can more easily experience the depth and energy of these 'power places'. 

The inner pilgrimage takes place in the heart and concerns our inner processes as we begin to connect more and more to our innermost Self.

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