South India Tour

South Indian Tour 


At the base of the holy mountain Arunachala, we will visit the Ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi, one of the most revered saints of modern India. For centuries, people have come to this holy place to meditate in the caves on the hill and to walk the traditional “pradakshina” (circumambulation) around the mountain and therby pay homage to Shiva. Arunachaleshwar Temple is an outstanding example of South Indian temple architecture and more than 2,500 years old. Today, a number of spiritual masters have ashrams in this abode of Lord Shiva.


Ananda Ashram, founded by Papa Ramdas in the foothills of North Kerala is the abode of peace and tranquillity. Papa and Mataji espoused the devotional practice of repeating the Name of God.


The home of the Holy Mother Mata Amritananda Mayi, known affectionately as Amma, nestles under the shade of the coconut groves of a small island in the Arabian Sea. We will be able to meet Amma personally and meditate in her presence. We will experience the intensity of ashram life in Amritapuri. Our visit will end with a boat trip on the famous backwaters of Kerala.


Both places are connected with Sri Aurobindo and 'the Mother'. In Pondicherry, a former French colony located on the Bay of Bengal, we will visit the 'Samadhi shrine(tomb) of Sri Aurobindo. We will also spend a few days in Auroville, a world famous international spiritual community.


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