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On this page, you will find a series of links to books which may be of interest to those signing up for any one of the tours on offer. Both Lyse and Purnima have spent many years in India and are happy to share their experiences and insights with those who are considering joining a tour.

Books by Lyse Lauren

Previews of each book are available on the Amazon website if you click on the link at the end of each book description and then tap on 'look inside.'

The following four books form part of a series called;

These four books portray the true events that took place over a period of three decades in and around the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal and India.


Shades of Awareness
Part 1

Awareness Comes Knocking
A True Story

The first book is an autobiographical account of the writer's search for 'truth,' or if you prefer, her 'search for the self'. It begins way back in the author's life and depicts the evolution of an all-consuming passion; namely, to discover the meaning of life and subsequently, to inspire and encourage others to also follow their dreams and the things that they hold most dear. 

It describes the writer's early years and the factors that were crucial in motivating her one pointed life direction, taking the reader along on a journey of discovery and adventure that spans four decades and covers the continents of Australia and later that of Tibet, Nepal and India.

The underlying theme throughout this book is always one of 'self-discovery', as in discovering the true nature of who and what we really are and why we 
exist at all.

I invite my readers to share in this journey and allow it to move them towards the fulfillment of their most treasured dreams, just as others have inspired and encouraged me to fulfill my own...

What the readers are saying;

"Frankly so enthralled that I couldn't help reading as much as possible as soon as possible.
Finished part II last evening. Amazing. Quite amazing. D'you know, I really do believe this book could be a best-seller!"

Alasdair Cameron.
Accountant. UK.
"I managed to download the book to Nick's kindle and am reading it now - really enjoying it, lovely to hear more of your unique journey and exciting adventures, can't put it down!!"

Jenny Symonds;
Indigenous Peoples Representative. 
Sydney, Australia.
"I have finally finished reading your most amazing and inspiring story!
 You have such a way of taking the reader with you into the very experience. I wonder how you remember such detail - did you keep a diary during your travels?

Judy Norman;
Retired School Teacher and
Public Relations Officer for Optus.
Sydney, Australia
"Have just finished your book.  It is potent with spiritual depth and lays open a summons and thirst to know that state of awareness, of Being. 
Reading of the journey to Kailash is riveting and has a profound awakening effect.  I am lost for words at the beauty, majesty and power such a journey must bestow,  the will required  and the extreme physical/emotional suffering endured.  It is indeed an act of bringing Heaven to Earth vice versa.
This theme of greater presence and stillness merging into the deeper unknown resounds throughout and impacts with terrifying power on the great red rock
at the mercy of mastiff dogs. 
The humour and reality throughout the book make it a fantastic read."

Robyn Hennings
Registered Nurse PP6CQ

 Follow the link below to get a preview of the book as it appears on Amazon. Copies are available online and in print.


Shades of Awareness
Part 2

Tibetan Masters and other True Stories

The second book is a collection of true stories gathered by the writer over a period of some three decades while she was living in Nepal and the Indian Subcontinent.

These stories are all based on things that happened to the author personally, or in which she was either present and able to witness or hear a first-hand account. They cover a wide range of experiences but always point to the deeper, underlying factors of our existence and our purpose for being alive. 

I hope to take the reader with me on a journey which is, at many times, humorous while at other times also tragic and challenging. However, the difficulties always open up new opportunities and often depict the manner in which those who face adversity can and do overcome the trouble and thereby gain inner strength on their path.

It is my hope that in publishing these stories, readers will gain an insight into an unusual lifestyle lived in places not often visited, some not even known to many people in the western world.


Follow the link below to get a preview of the book as it appears on Amazon. Copies are available online and in print.


Shades of Awareness
Part 3

Masters, Mice and Men

Masters, Mice and Men is a selection of stories that share insights and experiences that took place in the presence of my Tibetan Masters during the 1980 s and 90 s. 

Living near a fully realized Being can have repercussions and effects that are often unexpected and life changing.

If we are able to meet with an authentic Master and establish a meaningful connection with Him/Her, a sincere and diligent practitioner can swiftly burn up their karmic obstructions and clear the way to recognizing their own true nature.

The Master does not bestow realization, He/She simply points out the way to recognition and helps to dispel the obstacles that may be delaying it.

No Being, no matter how great, can bestow what is already present, but a true Master can greatly assist in and speed up the process of recognizing what always is...


Follow the link below to get a preview of the book as it appears on Amazon.


Shades of Awareness
Part 4

Never Not Ever Here Now

The fourth book gathers together a series of writings by the author on the topic of 'who am I?

By making them available as a book, it is my hope that those who take the time to read them will find that they help to facilitate the mood of calm and clarity that can make it so much easier for us to recognise and enter into who and what we really are.

Essentially the truth of our Being will give 'us,' focused as the ego, nothing whatsoever that could possibly be of worldly benefit, and yet, by its grace EVERYTHING is gained...


Who Lives? Who Dies
What We Need to Know Before We Go

This is my latest book offering and essentially completes the circle of my previous writing endeavors.

It is a book that I hope will encourage readers to think more deeply about important issues that affect us all sooner or later.

I have included a number of experiences which I have not shared before, many of them deeply personal in nature.

By doing so, I hope to inspire all those who take the time to read these words to live their own lives in such a way that they may naturally draw nearer to truth.

This need not necessarily require any outer change but it does require a very important inner shift in attitude.


Spiritual Education

by Purnima Zweers
foreword by Swami Chidananda

Spiritual Education is meant for parents, teachers, and all who are interested in education based on spiritual values. Included in the book are the views of Swami Shivananda, Mata Amritanandamayi, Krishnamurti, Aurobindo and other great spiritual masters on education. Also included are many practical examples using mandalas, meditation, different yogas and story-telling as aids to spiritually value-based education. The author gives a detailed description of schools based on spiritual ideals in the West as well as in the East.

Published by: Indicabooks, Varanasi, U.P. India

Extracts from the book:

One child asked Swami Chidananda:"What is the purpose of my life, which task do I have to perform?"

Swami Chidananda answered while pointing to a bunch of flowers:

"Do you see these flowers? On some branches you see little buds, on others you see fully bloomed flowers. The fully bloomed flowers have beautiful petals, a nice colour and fragrance and a beautiful appearance. In the buds you cannot yet see all this beauty. The purpose of the bud is to bring out whatever beauty it has inside and to become a perfect flower. Gradually it will grow and bring out from within itself all the beauty. Look at the nest of a bird and you will see little eggs. Within the egg a little bird is sleeping and only after some time it will come out...

The purpose of your life is to bring out the sleeping beauty in you. Your task is to grow out into a perfect, ideal human individual. In you are sleeping all the noble human qualities such as kindness, compassion, unselfishness, spirit to serve, courage to stick by virtue, the inner strength of will power and aspiration, to live for higher ideals etc.You have within you the full potential; to bring this outside is the task you have to perform in this life. Then you will blossom just like this beautiful flower..."


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